Five-toed “foot underwear” organic cotton new fall/winter colors

五本指「足の肌着」organic cotton  秋冬新色
A typhoon is approaching today, and the temperature is plummeting today. I feel a chilly sensation. It's already mid-August, and it's almost September! Every year, I feel restless and restless at this time of year, partly because I'm anxious about fall and winter. Meanwhile, new colors of the five-toed "leg underwear" silk and organic cotton for autumn have arrived! Tail greens and moss olives. Tail green is already familiar with other five-finger colors, and if you look closely, you can see that moss olive is a mixture of various colors. On days like today, I wear five fingers under my summer linen socks. When you're feeling anxious, when your feet become calm, your mind gradually calms down as well.