Five-toed "foot underwear" silk and cotton petta

五本指「足の肌着」絹と綿 petta

Five-finger socks "underwear for feet" made of silk and cotton, thin Petta (Petta), M size, and bright new colors that will give you energy - fuchsia pink, yellow, orange brown, and dalmint that will gently cool you down - have joined the group. !
As the name suggests, it is thin and has a flat shape, making it the thinnest and lightest to wear. It is knitted with a two-layer structure of 100% silk on the inside that touches the skin and 100% cotton on the outside, and by exposing the elastic yarn (lining yarn that stretches and contracts unique to socks) to the outside, the silk is in contact with the entire skin. I am. The inside of the normal five fingers is made of pile knitting, but this one has a flat shape that is designed to be thinner. Please check this out for details.