About Glück und Gute

Glück und Gute/ I would like to use materials created by nature to create things that are comfortable for the body and enrich the soul. Since we use all natural materials such as silk and cotton, you can also use them as socks for ``relieving cold'', but they are not specialized for ``relieving cold'', and are more simply for people who know how to relieve cold. It all started with the desire for people who don't know about natural materials to experience the goodness and comfort of natural materials. I want to be someone who wears products because they feel comfortable, rather than thinking that they're good for the body. It's the same feeling that makes you happy when you eat something delicious. Our ideal is to have something that makes you feel happy when you pick it up and put it on, just like you feel comfortable.

Although the name is a little difficult to remember, the meaning is very simple: in German, ``Glück'' = ``happiness'' and ``Gute'' = ``good quality, kindness.'' It expresses our desire to create products that make people feel happy and of good quality when they pick them up. At that time, the word ``happiness'' felt sweet and ticklish, but ``happiness'' is, after all, the highest quality word. I chose German because of the high level of "quality" and I had a latent feeling that it was like a developed country, but the words "happiness" and "good quality" are more pronounced in German than I expected. I think it was a big part of my destiny that I fit in so perfectly. However, it has a distinctive German pronunciation (umlaut) that does not exist in Japan, and it has been pointed out that it is difficult to remember, so I seriously considered changing the name several times, but I could not think of any other name, so I changed it to Glückund Gute. This year marks the 10th year. I would be happy if you could call me whatever name you like.

History so far
Progress so far

About 10 years ago, my husband was transferred to Chiba, and I remained in Nara, living with my daughter, who had just turned 2, in a housing complex next to a nursery school. When my daughter was young, she frequently suffered from eczema and unexplained hives, as well as rhinitis, otitis media, dermatitis, and colds. Her physical condition was always unstable, and she visited a nearby pediatrician, otorhinolaryngologist, and dermatologist every week. Days of going to the hospital. However, even when I went to the hospital, they gave me medicine every week and kept asking me to come back next time. Moreover, even if the drugs given suppress the symptoms, they do not completely cure the condition. I felt uncomfortable with hospitals and medicine, so I decided to quit taking medication and fundamentally reconsider my eating habits. Little by little, we adopted diets such as macrobiotics, which were becoming popular at the time, changed from white rice to brown rice, stopped using additives and processed products, and instead of taking medicine, we took substances that enhance natural healing power such as manuka honey. Improve your life. At the same time, the ``chilling'' boom arrived. For me, the connection between natural food and natural ingredients came very naturally. However, although I had been working in the planning field for many years, I never imagined that I would make socks as a vocation. However, due to a natural coincidence of connections and timing as they merged into the Chiba Makuhari area, ``Grückund Gute'' was born with incredible speed, and 10 years later, we are where we are today. The idea that ``when you are guided by those around you and move forward, that is the path you should take'' was something I felt strongly at that time and when I moved to Yamanashi, and I still follow that idea today, no matter how hard I try. However, when things don't go well, I try to think of another path.

For the Future
from now

Rather than increasing the variety, I would like to constantly review existing standard products and make them even better, and I would like to improve the comfort and usability of the shoes little by little so that the people who wear them will be happy. I am thinking. Socks made from natural materials are inevitably weaker than synthetic fibers developed by humans. However, with durability in mind, we dig deeper into each aspect, such as creating a shape that can be worn for a long time, and using lining thread in areas that don't come into direct contact with the skin, to make it as good as possible. From a social background and sustainability perspective, I would like to gradually reduce the use of cotton, which uses large amounts of pesticides, and increase the use of organic cotton (an earth-friendly, sustainable material) as much as possible. However, as the cost of raw materials continues to rise, I don't want to replace everyday socks with more expensive socks. I also believe in the power of color, so color variations are also very important, and I would like to explore the middle ground between all of them. By understanding the merits of each material and combining materials that are compatible, we would like to create a comfortable experience that you will never get tired of wearing. We also select foods that can be approached not only from the outside of the body, but also from the inside. We will continue to work hard every day to make you enjoy your stay, so we appreciate your continued support.

Glück und Gute embodies our philosophy: 'Glück' stands for 'happiness' and 'gute' for 'quality'. We aspire to craft socks that not only offer comfort but also bring a sense of fulfillment and joy to both mind and body. Our vision is to create an experience where wearing our socks becomes a source of happiness, a moment where luxury meets the soul. Based in Japan, our daily endeavor is to create legwear that not only feels luxurious on the skin but also enriches life in its entirety We are dedicated to designing products that are more than just a part of your day—they enhance it, marrying comfort with a profound sense of well-being.

〈Future Focus / Crafting Comfort and Sustainability〉
At Glück und Gute, we prioritize refining our existing line of staple socks over expanding our product range. Our aim is to create more favorites - socks that are so comfortable and appealing that wearers want to keep them on longer.
While natural materials may lack the durability of synthetic fibers, they offer a unique warmth and comfort that resonates with the heart. We are dedicated to crafting with care, maximizing the natural feel of our materials. In line with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility , we continuously strive to increase the use of earth-friendly, sustainable fibers and innovate through recycling and creating new products from reused materials."

〈Our Products〉
Using materials sourced from nature, I strive to create socks that are not only suitable for 'Hie-tori' layering, appreciated by those familiar with this Japanese health practice, but also for everyone seeking daily comfort.
My desire is for our socks to be chosen not just because they are 'good for the body', but because they bring a sense of joy and comfort, akin to the happiness we feel when savoring delicious food. I aspire for our socks to be so pleasantly pleasant that they become a natural choice for daily wear.

Founder, Designer & Planner
Chisato Hemuki