Notice of start of handling of Handmade room shoes

Handmade room shoes 取り扱い開始のお知らせ

Handmade wool room shoes will be added to our online store. All colors are natural without dyeing, natural black, gray brown, and gray.

Due to wool's unique properties of repelling sweat, water, and dust, it doesn't get dirty even if you wear it for a day doing housework, and it retains heat while absorbing excess moisture and releasing it, so you can feel the heat even in the middle of summer. You can wear it comfortably without any hassle. However, it is most recommended to be worn during the wool season, fall and winter. It keeps your feet warm and protected from the cold.

Room shoes are manufactured after receiving an order, so it may take some time for delivery, but we hope you will look forward to receiving your one-of-a-kind room shoes. If you order socks together, they will be shipped as soon as the room shoes are completed (if you wish, the socks can be shipped first).

Please see the product page for details.