We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please read before contacting us.

Please tell me the shipping cost

For items of a size other than Nekopos standard, or for customers who wish to have a specified delivery time, please use "Yu-Pack" or "Hikyaku Express". For flat, small items or items that are not urgent, we deliver them via Nekoposu, which charges a flat shipping fee nationwide.

Yu-Pack (post office) / Hikyaku Express (Sagawa Express) Flat shipping: 760 yen Nekoposu (Kuroneko Yamato) Flat shipping: 330 yen For orders over 9,000 yen including tax: 430 yen For orders over 14,000 yen including tax: Free shipping

*For Okinawa, an additional 500 yen will be added to the above price.
Prices will vary for sizes over 100, so we will notify you each time.

Can I specify the delivery date and time?

If it is delivered by courier service, you can specify the date and time.
Please choose from the time slots below and let us know in the notes section of the cart screen.
Morning / 14:00-16:00 / 16:00-18:00 / 18:00-20:00 / 19:00-21:00

In addition, "Nekoposu" will give you a tracking number, but you cannot specify the date and time.
Also, from October 2023, "Nekopos" will be integrated with the post office's "Yu-Packet" and we can no longer guarantee next-day delivery. Please note that depending on your mailing address, it may take two days to arrive. Delivery will be posted to your home post.

Can you do gift wrapping?

We will wrap up to 2 items for free. Please let us know your wishes in detail.
It would be very helpful if you could specify whether the items should be wrapped individually or all at once. For wrapping 3 or more items, please add the wrapping fee (110 yen per item starting from the 3rd item) to your cart.

Can it be washed in a washing machine?

Since it is soft and woven using 100% natural yarn, we recommend hand washing, but you can also wash it in the washing machine if you put it in a laundry net. However, please avoid using a dryer as this may damage the texture and cause further shrinkage. Some people turn it inside out, but since many of our products have silk inside, we recommend that you don't turn it inside out and just put it in the net to protect the silk.
We recommend that you dry your socks with the opening facing up, and that you reshape your leggings and warmers immediately after washing and dry them in the semi-shade. To maintain a soft texture and prevent color fading, please avoid using detergents containing fluorescent agents and bleach.

Please tell me how to wear them.

The first photo is the five-toed socks "Foot underwear" series. We recommend layering a second pair of socks made of regular natural materials with rounded tips.
Five-toe socks work with the natural sensation of the feet, and five-toe socks are the socks closest to bare feet. By stimulating the toes, the original functions of the soles of the feet are awakened and the sensations in the feet become richer. In addition, layering your shoes warms your toes and improves blood flow, which has a variety of health and beauty benefits. However, wearing the wrong layers can have the opposite effect. Please be aware that regular socks can tighten your feet, restricting blood flow and worsening your sensitivity to cold.