From NZ

《About From NZ》

``From NZ'' delivers high-quality products that you can actually use and recommend, such as manuka honey, royal jelly, and placenta, directly from New Zealand, where they are produced. Orders received by 16:00 every day will be shipped from NZ the next day. (In New Zealand, delivery is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so orders placed from Friday (orders placed after 4pm on Thursday) to Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Delivery time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks (shipping fee (Free).Since the item will be shipped directly, we cannot include gift wrapping or socks, but please understand.

《About Manuka Honey》

We will now deliver safe and high quality Manuka Honey from Helena Health, which is harvested from Helena Bay and is even more reliable and superior to the Manuka Honey that we have been handling up until now. Helena Health's manuka honey is harvested from beehives in Helena Bay, surrounded by New Zealand's natural beauty. Since it is not connected to urban areas where people live, there is little worry about pesticide residue. Helena Health is manufactured to strict standards introduced by New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries MPI to ensure safety. In addition, we record everything for each harvested lot, and manage it safely so that we can track which lot was harvested from which hive. Helena Health's manuka honey is safe and can be consumed with confidence under thorough quality control.

Manuka honey is known to contain a much higher amount of methylglyoxal (MGO) than regular honey. It has been shown that MGO levels in honey can reach up to 1000 mg/kg. Manuka honey is therefore a 100% natural honey with extremely high antibacterial activity and great health and immune system support. Please be aware that there are no testing facilities in Japan, so there are many Manuka honeys sold at fraudulent prices.

《We have prepared 3 sets》

The product will be delivered directly to the customer from New Zealand as a "personal import", so if you purchase more than 16,666 yen, the customer will be charged customs duty, which can sometimes be as much as the purchase price. You will have to pay. However, we have prepared three sets so that you can enjoy shopping without worrying too much about this point. If you would like to purchase a large quantity, we would appreciate it if you could wait about a week and then place your order again.

*Helena Health's MOUTH spray is no longer available.
There are currently 3 sets. Thank you for your understanding.

《About not selling one piece》

Even shipping just one item costs over 2,000 yen for overseas shipping, so in order to prevent the unit price from becoming extremely high due to shipping charges, we created an easy-to-use set and made it as affordable as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding.