About the restock date of the five finger foot cover

五本指フットカバー の再入荷時期について

Regarding the ``Five Toes Foot Underwear ``Silk and Cotton Foot Cover'' , the previous processing company went bankrupt last year and the sewing is being done by a new company, so it will take time to make adjustments. . It was originally scheduled for mid-July, but now that the shape has finally been finalized and we are starting to knit it, it is currently scheduled to arrive in early August. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope to deliver it as soon as possible. Please wait for a while. (Nude, black, and new color mint are scheduled to arrive)

Addendum (8/16) The situation is still being manufactured by the manufacturer. We will confirm the arrival date after the Obon holiday. We apologize for keeping you waiting.