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``Wild grass powder'' has been added to the wild grass tea series that heals your body with the power of nature.
``Wild grass tea'' washes away unnecessary substances, while ``wild grass powder'' contains nutrients that you want to take into your body. Although it is called "wildflowers," it is a powder that contains not only wildflowers but also vegetables and roots in a well-balanced combination of nutrients that humans need. Since it is a ``living'' natural product that has not been cooked, please consume about 1 teaspoon per day as a nutritional supplement.

Goji leaf, mulberry leaf, red pine, persimmon leaf, root kelp, horsetail, blue perilla, molokheiya, pumpkin, white sweet potato (caiabo), Otaka enzyme powder, Korean ginseng, turmeric, loquat leaf powder, ginkgo biloba Leaf of

There is a word that is very similar to ``medicine and food are the same source'' and is ``medicine and poison are the same source.'' This means that if used in the right amount, it can be used as medicine, but if taken in large quantities, it can become poisonous, meaning that even good things can actually harm the body if taken in excess. When I think about it, I wonder if eating less than 8 minutes without eating to your full stomach is also in line with those words. It is not true that the more you eat this wildflower powder, the more effective it will be; the more you eat it, the more powerful it will be, so it is said that about 1 teaspoon every day is just right. I would appreciate it if you could continue to mix it with whatever you like.

The taste of wildflower powder is not very addictive, so it is delicious even if you mix it with hot water (wildflower tea) and drink it (you can also add sweetness with oligosaccharides etc.), or add it to plain yogurt with nuts, seeds, sweetness. We also recommend adding some dried fruit, etc., and sprinkling wildflower powder on top of it and mixing it in (4th photo). In addition, some customers say that it is delicious when sprinkled on peperoncino. It's fun to think about how to eat it.

With so many additives and artificially processed foods, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find truly natural foods. Flush out what you don't need from your body with wildflower tea, and add what you need with wildflower powder. Get rid of what you don't need and add what you need. Like blood circulation, it circulates the body so that it does not get stagnant somewhere. I think that's important.

The fact that I came to Yamanashi and encountered ``wildflower tea'' and ``wildflower powder'' and was given the opportunity to sell them makes me wonder if I have a mission to spread the goodness of these products. It is. As I've gotten older, I've been thinking more and more about my health and body, and I've been thinking about putting my health first in everything I do. Along with the pain of being unwell, we reaffirm the value of our health, and think about the reasons why our bodies deteriorated further. I also want to improve and make life more interesting. I believe that even if you are busy every day, if you continue to do things that are good for your body, you will be able to live a long, healthy and happy life.

One bag is enough for a couple to use for about a month. Mr. Yasuda, who developed the product and teaches me various things, is in good health and always greets me with a lively appearance that makes it hard to believe that he is in his 80s. Protect your own body. In order to stay healthy, I want to eat something that makes my body happy. I believe in its power, which gradually works on your body.

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