‘Ashi No Hadagi’ Toe Socks Silk & Wool for children

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These soft five-finger socks are woven with 100% silk yarn on the inside that touches the skin and 100% wool on the outside, and are child-sized.

``Are there any good socks for children's chilblains?'' I actually received this inquiry from the child's father last year, and I had been thinking about it for a long time. I myself have frostbite, and when I was a child my toes were always red and swollen, and even now as an adult, my hands get frostbite from freezing cold tap water in winter, and the pain and itching is painful. It's easy to understand. Children are especially susceptible to chilblains because their blood flow regulation function is immature. When I thought about socks that would be good for preventing chilblains, I ended up finding a shape that would improve blood circulation without being too constricting, and a material that would prevent sweat from getting stuffy. Yes, it was the wool material used to make five-finger socks, which is surprisingly familiar.

Both the silk inside and the wool outside are animal fibers, so the fibers themselves have the effect of protecting animals. The five toes have the effect of stimulating blood flow by inserting fabric between the legs. The silk absorbs moisture and transfers it to the wool, which releases it. In other words, even if you sweat, it absorbs and releases moisture and dries quickly, so even if you play around and get sweaty on your feet, your feet won't get damp and cold.

The classic five-toed ``foot underwear'' silk and wool are thicker than cotton, and the silk is luxuriously used in pile knitting, so the fabric is fluffy and has soft cushioning that makes it comfortable for even children to wear for the first time. I think you can do it. There is no heel and there are no top, bottom, left or right sides, so children can wear them without worrying.

The disadvantage is that the production costs are almost the same as those for adults because the process is almost the same as for adults, but the price for children's products is a little more affordable. , I hope you can feel it.

I think it would be cute for parents and children to match, so they come in two colors that can be worn by both men and women. This parent-child set is also recommended as a gift for families who wear five-toed shoes.

Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% wool
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane
size No heel/5 to 8 year old size (Children's size guide)
Manufactured in Wakayama Prefecture

Child 1900 yen excluding tax
Adult 2300 yen

*For laundry, if you use a washing machine, please use the internet.
*Actual colors may differ depending on your browser.

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