‘Ashi no Hadagi’ Toe Socks Silk and cotton (cashmere blend) short

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The inner part of the foot is made of 100% silk, and the outer part is made of cotton thread containing 15% cashmere. It has the smooth feel that only cashmere can provide, and quickly wicks away sweat to prevent stuffiness. The short length may make you think, ``Cashmere even though it's summer?'' or ``Isn't it hot?'' However, by adding a little cashmere, rather than warmth, it dries quickly and makes the fabric smooth. will appear. Also, by making the instep part more open than the previous short length, the tightness of the rubber in the instep part is less than the previous one. I would be happy if you could use it all year round, as a shoe insert or as a layered layer.

Inside: 100% silk
Outside 85% cotton 15% cashmere
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane
size/M 23-25cm, L 25-27cm
Excluding tax/M 1,850 yen, L 1,950 yen

*It's sneaker length, so wear it alone in hot weather. In winter, it can be used as a five-fingered item to wear under black tights. Even when layered, there is no fabric around the ankles, giving the ankles a sleek silhouette.
*If you have shoes that are too big and the heel of the shoe is rubbing against the inside of the shoe every time you walk, we recommend wearing a normal-length five-finger shoe rather than a short-length shoe.

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