Five-toed "leg underwear" silk and cotton petta long

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Five-toe socks "underwear for feet" Petta is the thinnest, lightest and most comfortable five-toe socks in the silk and cotton series. In response to customer feedback, we have created a longer length for M size. The L size is a long hose length (knee length) that you can wear when wearing a suit.

As the name suggests, petta is thin and flat, but it is woven with a double layer structure of 100% silk on the inside that touches the skin and 100% cotton on the outside, so that you can feel the texture of the silk on the inside. The stretch thread (the stretchable lining thread unique to socks) is placed on the outside, and the skin side is designed so that 100% silk touches the skin. The inside of the normal five fingers is made of pile knitting, but this one has a flat shape that is designed to be thinner. It is a thin long five finger.

Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane
size M 23-25cm Length from heel 36cm / L 25-27cm Length from heel 40cm
M size 2,300 yen / L size 2,700 yen excluding tax Manufactured in Wakayama Prefecture

*We do our best to convey the actual color to the best of our ability, but please note that the appearance of the color may differ depending on your monitor and PC environment.

M size development color/
bronze, ink blue, middle gray

L size development color/
bronze, ink blue, red, charcoal, silver

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