100 silk knit mask

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Silk has 1.5 times more moisture absorption and moisture release properties than cotton, so it not only quickly absorbs sweat when it's hot or when you sleep, but also wicks away excess moisture. It also has a natural UV protection effect that absorbs ultraviolet rays.

This 100% silk mask is made from a seamless three-dimensional knitted fabric called WHOLEGARMENT, and is made to make your masked life more comfortable. Like the organic cotton knit mask, it's soft enough to not hurt your ears. Available in 2 sizes with different ear strap sizes (the body size is almost the same) so that it can be matched as much as possible to different face sizes.

It is made of very soft and supple silk, so it is recommended as a ``sleep mask'' that covers only your mouth instead of mouth tape when you go to bed in the fall and winter when the air is dry (especially for people with dry throats). Please try it.

The color will change as you use it, but the silk mask retains its shape, so you can use it for a long time. (However, please be aware that it will shrink considerably if placed on top of a dryer or heater, or exposed to high temperatures such as the heat of a hair dryer.)

The refreshing texture of 100% silk is comfortable and does not trap heat. However, if the mask does not fit your face, its effectiveness will be reduced by half, so it is made to fit well. S size is for children and women with small faces. Normally, M size is recommended. (Please understand that there are individual differences in face size.)

100% silk
size S size (body length 13.5cm x approx. 16cm) M size (body length 13.5cm x approx. 17cm)
Manufactured by Yamanashi Prefecture (JOCA (Japan Organic Cotton Association) certified factory)
Excluding tax S size 1,850 yen M size 1,950 yen

There may be some errors due to manual measurements placed flat. Also, since it is not dyed, the color is the original color of silk. Please wash by hand or in the washing machine on a net. We recommend drying it in the shade as it absorbs UV rays.

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