silk cotton double layer socks long

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``Silk cotton two-layer socks long'' are Glückund Gute's only long socks, which they continue to make every year. It takes 18 minutes to knit one leg and 36 minutes to knit the left and right socks, as each sock is required to knit one pair of socks, and they are much longer than other socks. Masu. It can also be said to be a very luxurious pair of socks.

Long length of 43cm from the heel. Since it is long, the ankle and sole of the foot are woven larger than the mid-length to make it easier to wear. If you have small feet, they may feel a little big, but I think they have more room and are easier to wear over five-toe socks. Because the two natural materials, silk and cotton, overlap, the moisture absorption, moisture release, and heat retention properties of each material combine to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The ankle part has a special knit that does not tighten.

The top of the shoe opening is made of cotton only to prevent it from getting caught. From about 4cm down from the top, it becomes a double layer of silk and cotton. Even though it is long and has two layers, the combination of silk and cotton is neither too hot nor too cold, so you can wear it for a long time in spring, autumn, and winter.

Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton
Back thread (stretch thread) nylon
size M 23-25cm Length from heel 43cm (long length)
*These socks are made in a loose and large size for layering. Thank you for your understanding.
Manufactured: 2,800 yen excluding Nara prefecture tax

<For you to wear it for a long time>
We recommend washing by hand. When using a washing machine, be sure to use a net. Also, since the fabric is made of two layers of silk and cotton, the inner fabric may get into the toe area after repeated washing. In that case, you can turn it inside out and adjust the fabric so that it can be worn cleanly again. When putting on the shoes, we recommend that you insert your toes and heel firmly and wear them slowly.

<Delivery method> *Due to the thickness, if it is packed normally, we will use Yamato courier service, but if it is a single item for home use, we will flatten each leg and ship it by Nekoposu. (330 yen) is possible. Please let us know in the notes section if you would like Nekoposu/for home use.

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*Price includes tax.
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