silk cotton double layer socks

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``Silk Cotton Double Layer Socks 2023'', which has silk on the inside that touches the skin and cotton on the outside, is available in two types: medium length and long length. The double-layer structure consists of a silk sock and a cotton sock, and each item requires two socks, so the long-length socks are machine knitted, and it takes 18 minutes to knit one leg, and 36 minutes to knit both sides. is. Each item is sewn one by one by skilled technicians. Because the two natural materials, silk and cotton, overlap, the moisture absorption, moisture release, and heat retention properties of each material combine to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Special knitting at the ankles that does not constrict. To avoid catching the silk fabric with your fingernails, the top 4cm of the inside is made of cotton only, and from the bottom it switches to high-quality silk fabric. The combination of silk and cotton is neither too hot nor too cold, so you can wear it for a long time in spring, fall, and winter.

``Silk cotton two-layer socks long'' (currently in development) have a loose and larger sole size with an emphasis on layering, but we have heard that they are too big, so we have introduced ``silk cotton two-layer socks long''. 2023 long has been changed to the same sole size as the middle length (of course, it can be layered over the five toes). To see how much of a difference there is, please take a look at the last photo that shows the long length of "Silk Cotton Double Layer Socks 2023" and this time's "Silk Cotton Double Layer Socks 2023". In addition, the length of the long length is the same.

Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton
Back thread (stretch thread) nylon
size M 23-25cm
Manufactured by Nara Prefecture (excluding tax) middle 2,600 yen long 2,800 yen

<For you to wear it for a long time>
We recommend washing by hand. When using a washing machine, be sure to use a net. Also, since the fabric is made of two layers of silk and cotton, the inner fabric may get into the toe area after repeated washing. In that case, you can turn it inside out and adjust the fabric so that it can be worn cleanly again.

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