Children's organic cotton socks 13-17

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Children's socks 13-17cm knitted from 100% organic cotton yarn. The pile knit has soft cushioning properties, and the ankle area has a special knit that won't tighten or slip off, making it easy to wear. It's just the right thickness, so it absorbs sweat from moving children in the summer, and protects children's feet from the cold in the winter. Recommended for everyday use, such as socks for nursery schools and kindergartens. I hope you enjoy wearing them every day.

100% cotton (100% organic cotton)
Back yarn (stretch yarn) polyester polyurethane
Size/13-17cm compatible, middle length, non-slip manufactured/Nagano prefecture tax excluded 1,030 yen

<About handling>
The instep part is also knitted with fluffy pile all the way around. They are knitted to be softer than regular socks. Please be careful not to use Velcro on your child's shoes, or if your child wears the shoes with the wrong size, the socks may rub inside the shoes and the knitting threads may come out from the fabric. Each time you wash them, the fabric will tighten and your worries will disappear, but please be especially careful when you first start wearing them.
*At Glückund Gute, there are some restrictions in terms of the number of colors and price, not only for the softness of the shoes but also for the pesticide problem in cotton cultivation, but we would like to increase the use of organic cotton as much as possible in the future.

*Smoky pink is now back in stock.

*Price includes tax.
If you select a color, the photo will be linked and you can check the color.

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