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At Glückund Guthe, we would like to recommend products that are of high quality and can be used for a long time. This Manuka Honey is a recommended product that cares for your body from the inside out. I have been using Manuka honey for over 10 years and have continued to use it without fail for many years.

Manuka honey is a honey collected from the flowers of the Manuka plant, which is native only to New Zealand. It has a variety of benefits, including a high content of methylglyoxal, which has extremely high antibacterial activity not found in other honeys. I have.

In addition, Helena Health's manuka honey is harvested from bee hives in Helena Bay, surrounded by nature, away from the city in New Zealand. All harvested lots are recorded and fully managed so that you can trace back which lot was harvested from which hive. In addition, Mr. Kelly Paul, the founder who created the global evaluation standard called MGO, fully supports this Manuka honey, and it is one of the highest quality Manuka honeys in terms of not only reliability but also safety.

Manuka honey MGO400+ is the most popular grade of MGO Manuka honey (the higher the MGO content, the higher the grade), and is useful for maintaining health, strengthening immunity, and preventing viruses, as well as preventing colds and soothing throats. It is also recommended for people like you. Please use it to maintain your daily health, protect against colds, and support your immune system.

Manuka Honey MGO550+ is the highest grade of Manuka honey for everyday use. Recommended for those who want to maintain their health, strengthen their immunity, and take thorough measures against viruses. We hope you will try it to maintain your daily health and support your immune system.

We believe that you will enjoy a smoother and more delicious drink than Manuka South's Manuka Honey, which we have been selling so far. Personally, I like this flavor.

There are many times when just having Manuka honey can save your life.
We would appreciate it if you could use different grades depending on your daily physical condition.

Helena Health “Manuka Honey MGO400+ (equivalent to UMF13+)” 500g
Helena Health “Manuka Honey MGO550+ (equivalent to UMF16+)” 250g
Set of 2 (free shipping)

Best before date: We always deliver products with the latest best before date.

Ingredients: Manuka honey (100% natural unheated Manuka honey)
Country of origin: New Zealand Storage method: We recommend storing in a cool, dark place below 25℃. At my house, we store it in the refrigerator all year round. *Due to the nature of the product, honey is not heat-treated, so please avoid giving it to infants under 1 year old. *100% natural Manuka honey without pesticides or antibiotics.

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We will ship directly from New Zealand, so when making a purchase, please do not put Glückund Guthe socks or food items (sweets, wildflower tea, etc.) in the same cart, but only put "from NZ" products in your cart and pay. Thank you very much. (Due to customs duties, if you are purchasing this Manuka set, please do not add any other items and purchase only this set.Due to customs duties, if you need more than one item, please wait approximately one week.) Please order again)

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Gift wrapping is not possible as the item is delivered directly without going through Glückund Gute. Thank you for your understanding.

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It will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks from the time you place your order to the arrival of the product (delivery company will be DHL or Sagawa Express). Please note that it is not possible to specify the date and time. Please note that orders placed by 4pm each day will be shipped the next day. (However, in New Zealand, delivery is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so orders placed after 4pm on Thursday and on Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.)

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