100 linen mask

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Hemp is an environmentally friendly material that has excellent water absorption, sweat absorption and quick drying properties, antibacterial properties, deodorizing properties, strength, and UV protection.

The main body part uses 100% Hemp thread, which can be grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Hemp is naturally crisp to the touch, but it can be a little painful when applied to the face, so we use thin, supple hemp thread (high quality thread) that brings out the best parts of hemp. I think you will be able to feel the goodness of linen with its soft and smooth texture that you won't believe is linen.

You can choose from two types: a ``single-layer'' design that is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and a ``two-layered'' design that provides a sense of security. There is a pocket on the inside of the two-piece construction, so you can put your own inner fabric inside.
I would appreciate it if you could use the ``single layer'' for everyday use, or the ``two layered'' when you are in a crowded place, hospital, etc., depending on the destination.

Both are one-piece and seamless, so there is no seam allowance and they are thin and lightweight to wear. It has a three-dimensional shape so that it does not touch the face as much as possible.

Free size, suitable for both men and women. Regardless of the season, a linen mask made from natural materials that won't get stuffy and has antibacterial properties is recommended when you go out.

100% Hemp
size Free
Manufactured by Yamanashi Prefecture (JOCA (Japan Organic Cotton Association) certified factory)
Excluding tax: 1 piece 1,750 yen 2 pieces 1,950 yen

*Due to the characteristics of linen, it wrinkles easily, but fold it in half and pinch it with both hands. If you use it, it will stretch even in dry conditions.
*There may be some errors due to manual measurements placed flat. (Please note that the size (cm) and color may differ from the actual product.)
*If you are using a washing machine, please use the net. You can also prevent it from losing its shape by adjusting its shape and drying it.

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