Gift wrapping (please use when wrapping 3 or more items)

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We offer free wrapping for up to two items per order. If you would like 3 or more, please use this option. We will wrap it with all our heart so that the person who receives it will be happy.

*Even if there are 3 or more items, if you wrap them all together, there will be no charge if you wrap up to 2 items.

We charge 110 yen for each item starting from the 3rd item.
If you want to wrap 4 items in total, please purchase 2 items of gift wrapping.If you want to wrap 5 items in total, please purchase 3 items of gift wrapping.

*For gifts, please be sure to fill in the details in the memo field.
(One point each, ○ and ○ together, etc.)

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