Double-layered silk and cotton socks

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"The silk-cotton double-layer sock is the only long sock in the Glückundgute line. It takes 18 minutes to knit one pair of socks and 36 minutes to knit both sides of the sock, making it a very luxurious sock.

The long length is 43cm from the heel. When putting on the socks, be sure to insert the toes and heels firmly, and wear them slowly. The use of yarn is designed to make it easy to wear over five-toe socks. The overlapping of the two natural materials, silk and cotton, combined with the moisture absorbing, moisture releasing, and heat retaining properties of each material, will keep your feet dry and comfortable. The ankle portion is specially knitted.

The ankles are specially knitted to fit your feet without slipping off even when the diameter is widened. The top part is cotton only to avoid snagging. From about 4cm down from the top, there is a double layer of silk and cotton.

In spite of the long length and the two layers, the combination of silk and cotton is not too hot or too cold. You can wear it for a long time in spring, fall, and winter. Please give it a try.

Inner side 100% Silk
Outer side 100% Cotton
under thread: polyester polyurethane
size M 23-25cm, length from heel 43cm (long length)
Manufactured in Nara Japan.

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