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Influenced by my parents, who love coffee and spending their weekends at coffee shops and spending their time at home, I have been healed by the aromatic aroma of coffee since I was young, and I have felt the joy of drinking a cup of coffee. It has now become an indispensable part of our lives.

But I'm sure it's not just me; there are many people who find that a cup of coffee plays an important role in transitioning between times when they want to feel refreshed and when they want to take a break in their fast-paced lives. Also, in recent years, I hear that with the changing times, more and more people are choosing to grind and brew coffee at home instead of ordering coffee at a coffee shop.

Glückundgute's original blend is a dark roast with low acidity and a heavy texture, but with just the right amount of bitterness and lightness. The taste goes well with Dry Frutis Meal.

Coffee beans can be stored in the freezer, but just like vegetables, ``freshness'' is important, which I learned from Nuno's coffee. I can't really tell you about its benefits, but for me, coffee is like a medicine, just like wildflower tea. We want as many people as possible to experience the goodness of fresh beans, so we don't keep them in stock, and only deliver roasted beans to you after you place an order.

Whether or not coffee tastes good after drinking it is ultimately up to the taste of the person who drinks it. I would be happy if you could taste the deliciousness.


g.blend roasts by keeping the temperature of the pot high and applying heat to the beans. Once the water has completely drained from the beans (at the golden point), the exhaust port is opened slightly to allow smoke and chaff to escape, and the heat is lowered to lengthen the time it takes to reach the golden point. Please enjoy g.blend's special taste, which takes about 23 minutes to roast instead of the usual 16 minutes.

Roasting time: 23 minutes Contents: 100g
Roasting: Fugi
roast: dark roast (guatemala/brazil)

《About reservations》
We deliver fresh coffee beans that are roasted after receiving your order.
Nekopos shipping/possible

《About the deadline and delivery date for current applications》
Deadline: January 30th (Tuesday) Currently accepting applications
Roasting date: Wednesday, January 31st
Shipping date February 1st (Thursday)

We hope you can recharge your body and mind with fresh coffee.

*G.blend's coffee bag is also available, so please try it.
*The confectionery "Dry Fruit Meal" has also resumed and will be shipped on the same day as coffee beans. Please take a look as well.

*If you purchase this item along with other items such as socks, the item will be shipped on the same day as the ``coffee beans''. We appreciate your understanding that it may take some time for shipping. *Please let us know if you have a desired delivery date.

Coffee beans are delivered in an oil-proof paper bag.
After opening the package and enjoying a cup,
We would appreciate it if you could refill it into food storage bags, special bottles, cans, etc.

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