cashmere blend wrist warmers

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The premium material is a golden blend of 60% carefully selected cashmere, 25% organic cotton, and 15% silk, and is made by shearing the hair of natural cashmere goats such as black cashmere, red cashmere, and white cashmere that live in Mongolia. Wrist warmers knitted with yarn made from a blend of penny silk from China's Orie Province and organic cotton from India (sometimes the cotton is Supima cotton from New Mexico).
*This is the same product as the baby warmer "Cashmere blend baby warmer".

This blend of three types keeps you warm in the winter and wicks moisture in the summer. Lightweight and quick drying, it can be used throughout the year as a temperature regulating item. The thread feels as soft as baby skin and as light as air.

With just 15% silk, the protein called fibroin that makes up the silk exhibits a special ability to convert harmful ultraviolet rays into heat, resulting in a UV shielding rate of 93% (according to test data from an official testing organization). ). Not only does it have a gentle texture, but it also protects you from harmful UV rays.

It was born out of the desire to free mothers from worrying about whether their baby will be cold when they go out in the winter, and to give mothers a sense of security even just a little. These high-quality, thin warmers are lightweight, very small, and easy to carry, so they are now often purchased by adults as wrist warmers. A high-quality texture that feels like it sticks to your skin. It is also recommended as a gift for mothers after giving birth.

60% cashmere
25% cotton (25% organic cotton)
15% silk Length 23cm Undyed production Yamanashi prefecture tax excluded 3,300 yen

*White is an unbleached, undyed natural color made from white cashmere, organic cotton, and silk.

*Restocked (price remains the same)

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