Cashmere Blend Thin Warmer

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This thin warmer is made from a premium blend of carefully selected cashmere at a golden ratio of 60%, organic cotton at 25%, and silk at 15%. The cashmere goat hair is harvested from natural cashmere goats in Mongolia, including black, red and white cashmere, and blended with penny silk from China's Orjian Province and organic cotton from India. (Cotton may also be Supima cotton from New Mexico.

The blend of these three materials keeps you warm in the winter, wicks away moisture in the summer, is lightweight and quick-drying, and can be used all year round. The yarn is as soft as a baby's skin and as light as air.

The 15% silk content also has a special ability to block UV rays, as the protein fibroin that makes up the silk converts harmful UV rays into heat, resulting in a 93% UV blockage rate (tested by an official testing institute). Not only does it have a gentle texture, but it also protects you from harmful UV rays.

As a temperature control item, it protects you from the chill of the outside air in winter and from the air conditioning in summer while absorbing humidity. This warmer can be used for both legs and arms. We hope you will feel the warmth and the softness of this fine item.

60% cashmere
25% Organic Cotton
15% silk
size&length 41cm
Made in Yamanashi Prefecture

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