'Ashi no fuyugi' Double-layered Socks

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Ashi no Fuyugi" socks are designed for comfortable wear at home. The inner layer, directly touching the skin, is pile-knit with 100% organic cotton yarn for softness, while the outer layer is made of merino wool, providing additional warmth and moisture -wicking properties. These socks are thick and loose, making them ideal as slipper socks or for post-bath relaxation. They are also suitable for outdoor wear.

In winter, there's nothing like unwinding in a cozy, warm room. We hope these socks will contribute to enjoyable, relaxing moments for you and your family.

inner/ 100% Cotton (Organic cotton)
outer/ 100% Wool (Australian merino wool)
under thread/Polyester polyurethane
Unisex, Free Size
Manufactured in Nara Prefecture, Japan

〈About washing〉Machine washable in a net. To maintain the texture, we recommend using a gentle detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents or bleach.

International orders are exempt from consumption tax.

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