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A trial set of wildflower tea is now available. Trial Boil the tea pack in water for about 10 minutes. The shorter the boiling time, the cleaner the tea will be, and the longer it is boiled, the mellower the tea will be.

It has been five years since I discovered wildflower tea in Yamanashi, and it has become my daily routine to boil some wildflower tea as soon as I wake up every morning. We boil a lot of water in a 2.5L kettle so that our family and staff can drink it, but wild herbs alone don't have much of a taste, so in order to keep it delicious, we add ``Hato Mugicha x'' and ``Habucha.'' Add. In other words, three tea leaves are required, but I felt that it would be a burden for customers to purchase the first three-piece set without knowing what the flavor would be, so I wanted to create a trial set that they could try for a long time. . This Trial tea bag already contains a blend of 3 types, so all you have to do is put 500ml of water and the tea bag in your kettle and boil it.

The wildflowers are each found in the neighboring prefecture of Nagano, including mugwort, yacon leaves, herbaceous grass, dokudami, kumazasa, hoe, sedge, Japanese staghorn, akaza, evening primrose, kudzu leaves, and loquat leaves. Contains wildflowers that have many benefits (the types of wildflowers vary depending on the season). If you look into it, it will be obvious, but for example, kumazaza has amazing power and nutrition that works on our bodies.

Wildflower tea contains many kinds of wildflowers. The more I learned about it, the more I fell in love with its charm and wonderful content, and the more I wanted more people to know about this tea and drink it.

Recommended not only for healthy people, from nursing mothers and babies to the elderly, but also for those who are chronically unwell. Unlike water, you won't get water poisoned if you drink too much of wild herb tea, and because it has a high diuretic effect, it circulates through your body and is excreted.

By incorporating the power of things found in the earth and nature into my body (something similar to socks), I feel the goodness of natural materials every day. We would be happy if you could try it out and use it as one of our recommended gifts.

Contents: 2 bags of wildflower tea trial packs How to brew: Add one tea pack to 500ml of water, heat and bring to a boil. Once the color comes out, let it simmer for about 10 minutes, then put it in a heating pot and drink when you want to drink it. Please drink. Since the tea leaves are packaged, we recommend boiling it a little longer if possible.
(When boiling the ``Wild Plant Tea 3-Piece Set,'' there are appropriate amounts for each, but you can increase or decrease it to your liking, such as using less Habucha or more Hatobari.) You can get closer to your favorite tea.We hope you will try Trial as a reference flavor.

450 yen excluding tax

* We use the same box as the 2-piece Dry Fruits Meal. Up to 5 boxes can be sent via Nekoposu.

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