“Organic cotton for parents and children” gift set

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This is a gift set made from 100% organic cotton yarn that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike, whether it's for a dear friend, parents or siblings you haven't seen in a while, or a birthday celebration.

Five Toes for Adults, 2-layer structure knitted with 100% silk on the inside and 100% organic cotton on the outside. The pile knit used in the shoes provides cushioning that is comfortable for your feet, and absorbs and releases moisture from sweat and waste products. These are Glückund Gute's classic socks, which have longer toes to alleviate the tightness that comes with having five toes, and are made with soft fabric.

In addition, the children's size "Children's Organic Cotton Socks 13-17" are socks knitted from 100% organic cotton yarn. The inside is made of pile knit, so it's soft and thick, so it absorbs sweat in the summer and protects your feet from getting cold in the winter. Recommended as everyday wear for going to kindergarten.

Five-finger socks are one size fits all for men and women, so they are recommended as a gift for moms and dads with small children. I would be happy if not only those who like five fingers, but also those who have never worn five fingers, could take this opportunity to experience the comfort and benefits of five fingers. Both five fingers and children's socks are available all year round. This set can be worn regardless of the season.

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Five-toed "foot underwear" Silk and cotton Organic cotton Malachite green 1 item Children's organic cotton 13-17 Powder blue 1 item (Total 2 items)
*Comes with gift wrapping *Can be shipped via Nekoposu (if you have 2 or more items, it will be "Yu-Pack")

Five-toed “foot underwear” silk and cotton organic cotton
Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane
size Free (no heel, unisex)

Children's organic cotton socks 13-17
100% cotton (organic cotton used)
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane
size 13-17cm (nursery school/kindergarten size)

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