'Sozai to Iro Melange' Double-layered Socks

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Melange is a material and color series woven from 100% silk yarn on the inside that touches the skin and 100% cotton on the outside (some colors: organic cotton). Melange is a French word that means "to mix." The inner silk is woven with a luxurious pile of silk yarn in all colors, which absorbs and releases moisture from the soles of your feet. Even though it has a two-layer structure, it is made of one piece of fabric, so it does not shift around each other, and the thickness is just right so you can wear it all year round. The silk is made from pongee thread, so it feels more like linen than the smooth feel of silk. In summer, it feels comfortable on your feet, and in spring, fall, and winter, we recommend wearing it over five-toed "foot underwear." The combination of silk and cotton colors creates an expressive and unique color. I hope you find your favorite color.

Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane

(*Lime brown/Bordeaux gray only)
Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton (100% organic cotton)
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane

size M size 23-25cm L size 26-28cm Middle length manufacturing Nara prefecture tax excluded 2,800 yen

*We do our best to convey the actual color to the best of our ability, but please note that the appearance of the color may differ depending on your monitor and PC environment.

Prices include tax. If you select a color, the photo will be linked and you can check the color.

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