'Sozai to Iro Basic' Double-layered Socks

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``Material and Color Basic'' is woven with 100% silk on the inside that touches the skin and 100% cotton on the outside. They are just the right thickness, and the inside is pile-knitted with luxurious silk thread.Although they are two-layer socks, they are made of one layer of fabric, so they do not shift against each other, and they absorb and release moisture from the soles of your feet. As the silk thread is washed repeatedly, it becomes like linen thread, making it comfortable to wear on its own in the summer, and in the colder months, when layered with five-toe "foot underwear" , it adds an air layer and increases heat retention. It's warm and can be worn all year round. The L size is 26-28cm, making it suitable for men with large feet. We also recommend giving a set of five fingers as a gift.

Inside: 100% silk Outside: 100% cotton
Back yarn (stretch yarn) Polyester polyurethane
size M size 23-25cm L size 26-28cm
Manufactured: 2,800 yen excluding Nara prefecture tax

*We do our best to convey the actual color to the best of our ability, but please note that the appearance of the color may differ depending on your monitor and PC environment.

*L size is available in three colors: middle gray, Nile blue, and orange brown.

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