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Glückund Gute's original blend ``g.blend'' coffee bag is now available.

Until now, I thought that milling coffee beans and brewing them using hand drip coffee was one of the best parts of coffee. But last month, when my child suddenly developed a high fever and was absent from school, I was worried about work and my child, so I was restless, and even during my lunch break, my child woke up crying, which caused me to panic for a while. I didn't have much expectations when I got this coffee bag, thinking that it would clear my head and calm me down, even if it was only for 10 minutes, but that cup instantly changed my whole concept. Ta. Not only was it easy to brew, but the aroma when I opened the package and the taste of authentic dark roast revitalized my energy within just a few minutes (I'm exaggerating, though). (It was a surprising event for me as well)) The more you tend to get impatient, the more important it is to heal.

Those who are pressed for time every day due to work, those who take a short break when their small children go to bed (this is precious time for mothers, right?), those who work hard every day to balance work and nursing care, etc. I would be happy if you could quickly brew a delicious cup of coffee and take a breather. Mr. Fui roasted the fresh coffee beans with all his heart. ``g.blend Coffee Bag'' is easy to use, yet tastes just like a coffee shop.

Contents: 10g x 2 pieces 10g x 5 pieces
roast: dark roast (Brazil/Guatemala)
Roasting: Cloth Expiration date: September 26, 2024 __

If you would like coffee beans, please click here .

We hope you can recharge your body and mind with fresh coffee.


*If you wish to receive a Yu-Packet (Nekoposu) and would like a package of 5, we will send them flat in individual pieces rather than in a specified bag. Please acknowledge it.

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