Cashmere blend silk double layer gloves for Women

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Just touching it makes you feel happy, it has a texture that sticks to your skin. These thin gloves are made from a golden blend of 60% carefully selected cashmere, 25% organic cotton, and 25% silk.

A blend of natural cashmere goat hair, such as black cashmere, red cashmere, and white cashmere from Mongolia, with silk and organic cotton. With just 15% silk, the protein fibroin that makes up the silk exhibits a special ability to convert harmful ultraviolet rays into heat, resulting in a UV shielding rate of 93%. (Based on test data from an official testing agency) Not only is it gentle to the touch, but it also protects from harmful UV rays.

It's the season when the air is dry and your hands get really dry from daily handicrafts. In order to make the gloves as easy on the hands as possible, we added 100% silk thread to the inside and applied special knitting. It's thin and doesn't add bulk to your bag, making it convenient to carry around. These gloves are like covering your hands with a warm veil. We hope you can feel the high-quality texture and warmth.

Women's free size, long fingers
inner / silk100%
outer / cashmere60% organic cotton25% silk15%
under thread/Nylon, polyurethane
6,950 yen excluding tax

made in Yamanashi,Japan

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