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A cute palm-sized hot water bottle and hot water bottle cover are now available. The small metal hot water bottle is retro and cute, but it's just as sturdy as the larger ones. Holds 600mL of hot water. However, it is quite small compared to the larger ones, so I wanted to make a cover that could keep it warm for as long as possible, so I designed a cover that has excellent insulation and moisture absorption and heat generation properties, converting the heat emitted from the main body into a moderate amount of warmth, and maintaining heat conduction. The outer material is a cotton yarn containing 20% ​​cashmere, and the lining is a two-layer structure using a composite material of regenerated cellulose and wool, which is an earth-friendly sustainable fiber that returns to the earth. Depending on the environment, it will stay warm inside your futon for a long time. (Surface temperature when left in bedding is 40 degrees after 8 hours. *Depends on room temperature)

Even if it contains hot water, it is light, so you can of course put it in your futon, warm it by applying it to the affected area when your stomach or lower back hurts, or put it on your lap while reading or working, or use it with your child. You can conveniently use it to warm up your bedding. Metal hot water bottles can be heated directly over an open flame, so you can use them at home or carry them with you when camping in the fall and winter. I would be happy if you could stay warm even on the coldest nights.

small hot water bottle cover
Outer material: 80% cotton/20% cashmere
Lining: 70% regenerated cellulose fiber/30% wool (earth-friendly fiber that returns to the soil)
Size/approx. 15cm x approx. 25cm Production/Yamanashi Prefecture 6,300 yen excluding tax

metal hot water bottle body
600mL open flame compatible product made in Japan
size/13cm x D17cm x H5.5cm 2,100 yen excluding tax *IH cannot be used. If using IH, please pour boiling water into the pot.

Hot water bottles are recommended items that are kind to the earth and people. I would be happy if you could give it a try if you haven't used it yet.

For now only, those who purchase a set of hot water bottle cover and metal hot water bottle will receive a coffee bag as a gift. (Ends as soon as it runs out)

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