"From NZ" products are now available.

「From NZ 」の商品が新しくなりました。

"From NZ" is a product that is sent directly to the customer from its place of origin, New Zealand.
We have been on hiatus for a while due to the discontinuation of production and sales of existing products, but we have finally prepared 6 new products that we can recommend.

Our standard Manuka honey is delicious, high-quality Manuka honey that is harvested from Helena Bay, which is rich in nature and is completely managed. We have also prepared a lineup that Glückund Gute customers will love, including MOUTH spray containing propolis and manuka honey, and the recommended high-quality "Sheep Placenta." I've used and tried everything.

Since these items are delivered directly from overseas as "personal imports," we sell them as a set to avoid additional customs duties when they arrive at your doorstep (free shipping on all items). For more information, please see the "From NZ" product page. (Products are at the bottom of the page)

The world is still restless. At times like these, we want you to protect your health by taking care not only from the outside but also from the inside. I hope it's something you'll enjoy.