Notice of temporary suspension of Dry Fruits Meal

Dry Fruits Meal 一時休止のお知らせ

Dry Fruits Meal is a sweet filled with the natural sweetness of nuts and dried fruits. This is my ideal sweet, but I'm too picky about it, and some customers may find it difficult to accept it...I'm not saying anyone has said anything about it, but this year, I started to feel that way. It gradually became stronger.

You can continue as is, but if you feel that way, it's time to reconsider. I'm trying to clarify the raw materials so that more people than ever can say they're delicious. And we will work to deliver new products to everyone in the fall/winter of 2022 at the latest.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this arbitrary decision, but we hope you will look forward to the new Dry Furits Meal. Thank you for your continued support.