Wildflower tea trial


A trial set of wildflower tea is now available. Wild herbs alone have a weak taste, so in order to continue to enjoy the flavor every day, we add ``Hato Mugi'' and ``Habu'' tea leaves to the wild herbs and boil them.However, I did not know what the taste would be like, so I made 3 wild herbal teas for the first time. I felt like purchasing a set would be a burden, so I wanted to create a trial set so people could try it for a long time. Trial's tea bag already contains a blend of 3 types, so all you have to do is put 500ml of water and the tea bag in your kettle and bring it to a boil. I feel the goodness of natural materials every day by incorporating the power of wild flowers found in the earth into my body (this is also the case with socks). I would be happy if you could try it out or use it as a gift. Please see the product page for details.