Notice regarding delivery method


Thank you for always using Glückund Gute! Normally, customers choose ``Nekopos'' or ``Yamato Takkyubin'' as their shipping method, but due to the thickness and size restrictions of ``Nekopos'', it is often difficult to ship thick winter socks. We would have to ask our customers to pay for additional shipping charges separately, and it would also be difficult to ship on the same day, so we are currently removing the option of Nekopos and only using Yamato Takkyubin.

For customers who purchased a small number of items and chose thin socks such as five-toed socks, we will contact you and refund the difference for items that can be shipped via Nekoposu (shipping fee: 330 yen). Please rest assured.

*If you have any requests regarding the shipping method (shipping fee), such as "I would like you to remove the obi and lay it flat so I can put it in the Nekoposu" even if it does not fit in the Nekoposu in regular packaging, please let us know as much as possible. We would like to accommodate you, so please add it in the notes section when ordering.

*At the time of payment, you will be required to pay for shipping via Yamato Takkyubin, but for customers who can ship via Nekopos later, please be assured that a refund will be processed after payment.

*Yamato Takkyubin charges a flat rate of 760 yen nationwide (excluding remote islands and Okinawa), but shipping is 390 yen for orders over 8,800 yen including tax, and free shipping for orders over 13,200 yen including tax. (Date and time specification and tracking possible) Nekoposu is a flat rate of 330 yen nationwide (date and time specification is not possible, tracking is possible).