Silk wool double layer socks dark orange and light gray

絹ウール二層靴下 ダークオレンジとライトグレー
Dark orange and light gray are now available in "Silk Wool Double Layered Socks," a double-layered sock knitted with 100% silk on the inside and 100% merino wool on the outside. (M size charcoal is sold out and will be discontinued)

The silk is made of smooth, high-quality spun silk. The structure is similar to layering wool socks on top of thin, high-quality silk socks, and although they are knitted by machine, only a limited number of socks can be knitted each day, so technicians carefully check each item one by one while constantly checking the adjustments. It is manufactured. These socks are perfect for wearing on cold days in the middle of winter. Please see the product page for details.