Material and color WOOL remaining thread Ver.

素材と色 WOOL 残糸Ver.
The remaining thread version of ``Material and Color WOOL'', which is soft and stress-free to wear and can be worn by both men and women, is now available!
You may be wondering, "What is the remaining thread version?" Recently, socks made from natural materials have been greatly affected by the rising cost of raw materials and transportation fees, so we hope to make them as affordable as possible this season. In addition to the new colors, ``Materials and Colors WOOL'' are produced using leftover threads from the manufacturer. This idea was born from the idea that by manufacturing products, the manufacturer would run out of stock, and customers would be able to keep the same quality of materials at a slightly lower price, making everyone happy.
Since it is leftover yarn, there are many colors available, but there are some that are not available in many colors and will end as soon as they run out. I would be happy if you could find your favorite color. Available in 8 colors. Please see the product page for details.