Regarding the final sale of “Hand-grilled Black Sesame Sarame”

「手焼き 黒ごまざらめ」最後の販売について
The confectionery "Hand-baked Black Sesame Sarame" has been in production since 2015, but due to the aging of the machinery, we have decided to discontinue it in the spring of 2023.

For this final spring sale, just like with Dry Fruits Meal, we will listen to your reservations and then carefully package and deliver them to you. Please use it as a souvenir for returning home during spring break, as a small souvenir, or as a snack at home.

*First order reception date: March 5th (Sunday) - March 12th (Sunday)
Orders placed during this period will be shipped sequentially from March 13th (Monday).

Please see the product page for details.