Children's organic cotton socks 18-22 new colors

子どもオーガニックコットン靴下18-22 新色

New colors Deep Olive, Marigold, and Black have been added to the 18-22cm "Children's Organic Cotton Socks" knitted with 100% organic cotton yarn.

The inside has a cushioned pile knit that runs all the way from the sole of the foot to the instep, and is just the right thickness, so it absorbs the sweat of children who move around in the summer and protects the feet from the cold in the winter, making it a year-round shoe. The ankle part is made of special knitting that is comfortable to wear and does not tighten or fall off. These socks are recommended for everyday wear such as at school.

This time, the colors are a little more subdued, so I'd be happy if adults with small feet could also wear them. Please see the product page for details.