Five fingers petta now available in M ​​size long

五本指 petta に M寸ロング登場

Five-toe socks ``foot underwear'' Petta is the thinnest, lightest and most comfortable five-toe socks in the silk and cotton series. In response to customer feedback, we have created a long length in M ​​size! We would appreciate it if you would like to try our shoes if you have difficulty layering them with regular five-toed shoes, or if you prefer a thinner, longer fit. The L size is a classic long hose length (knee length) that won't show your shins when you sit, and can be worn even when wearing a suit. Previously only available in red, bronze, ink blue, and middle gray have been added along with M size. Please see the product page for details. M size is also available in medium length, and L size is also available in short length.