Five-toed “foot underwear” silk and cotton organic cotton

五本指「足の肌着」絹と綿 organic cotton

In 2014, shortly after Glückund Gute was created, the five-toe sock "Underwear for the Feet" was born. Although we initially made them, there were very few people who wore them (I think it was because they were so anonymous that very few people found them), so we only made a small number of them, but each year we made a few. The number of people wearing them has increased, and now they have become a standard and are available in many colors. We are deeply grateful to everyone who wears our socks every day.

At the same time, I started to notice that the amount of cotton thread I was ordering from factories was increasing. Cotton is a natural material that has been loved in Japan for a long time, but cotton requires many chemical fertilizers and pesticides, such as herbicides to remove weeds before sowing, and Western cotton, which is prone to insects. It is made using. The use of chemicals in cotton cultivation peaked in the 1990s, and since then the negative effects of pesticides on the environment and workers have been reconsidered worldwide, but 90% of the world's cotton farmers are poor small-scale farmers. It is said that 20,000 people died and 1 million people were hospitalized as a direct result of pesticide use, and in India, which is the world's largest producer of cotton, a considerable number of children work and 7. ~80% are girls. The cotton products we use every day are made at the expense of these producers. In such a situation, I hear that there are many clothes that are produced but are thrown away without being used.

However, it is difficult to change all the cotton used to organic cotton because there are only a few types of yarn and the suitable thickness is also limited, but it is possible to change to organic cotton little by little, even if it is just standard cotton. I want to come.

However, the price will inevitably go up, so we will continue to produce the five-toed socks ``foot underwear'' in silk and cotton, but from now on, ``silk and organic cotton'' will be the main products, and the number of colors will gradually increase. We plan to increase the number of items from ``Silk and Cotton.'' We hope you will try our new five-toed shoes, which are gentle on the earth and have a softer texture with cotton threads at the collar.