Manuka honey, direct shipping from NZ will start on September 13th!


``From Nz'' delivers 6 high-quality products, such as manuka honey and royal jelly, that we have used for many years and that we would like to recommend, directly to Glückund Gute users from New Zealand, where they are produced. We will start on Monday, September 13th at 10am!

We will send it directly to you from NZ, without going through Glückund Gute. Since it is a "personal import", we have prepared 6 sets for your peace of mind (free shipping) so that you do not have to pay customs duties. Our products are introduced on the "from NZ" page, so please take a look.

However, Glückund Gute's legwear and sweets will be shipped from Yamanashi Prefecture, and Manuka honey (the one with the blue background in the photo) will be shipped from New Zealand, so socks and Manuka honey products will be shipped from different sources. They cannot be purchased together. For NZ products, please pay only for NZ products.

The world is still unstable. In times like these, we want you to protect your health by taking care of your body not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. I hope it's something you'll enjoy.

Please see here for the detail.