100% organic cotton knit mask plant-dyed pink

オーガニックコットン100 ニットマスク 草木染ピンク

A 100% organic cotton knit mask made in a factory certified by GOTS, an international organic cotton certification. In response to feedback from our customers again, and because we feel that the gentle texture will protect your face from the cold in the future, we have added a new plant-dyed pink and are reselling plant-dyed gray. The softness of organic cotton is different from linen or silk. The ear hook part is also an integrated mask with no elastic or strings, and it is machine knitted, but it is gently and carefully knitted at a speed of about 4 to 5 pieces per hour.It is very gentle on the skin and has elasticity to fit the face. Masu. It's soft and light to wear, so it's recommended as a mask when you go to bed at night. The new color, vegetable-dyed pink, has a mature, calming color with hints of lavender.

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