The names of the "Materials and Colors" series will be partially changed.


``We want you to enjoy both the ``material'' and ``color.'' The ``Material and Color'' series of inner pile was created with the idea of ​​``Materials and Colors.'' As the number of types of socks increases little by little every year, it is becoming difficult to understand which name refers to which socks, so starting this fall/winter, we will no longer divide them into two broad categories such as ``material and color'' and ``material and color +'', and will instead introduce different types of socks. We will change the name. The full lineup is below.

Material and color Basic (formerly Material and color +)
Material and color Melange
(We will change the material together with the material as soon as the material and color + MIX are exhausted)
Material and color Wool
Material and color Short
Material and Color Ankle

New materials and colors will also be introduced this fall and winter. looking forward to!