'Ashi no fuyugi' Double-layered Socks

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"Ashi no fuyugi" are socks for relaxing at home. The socks are made of the same material as "Ashi no nemaki" (organic cotton inside and wool outside), but the loops are opposite, and the inside is organic cotton pile. The soft terry cloth is like a "foot bathrobe. Also, since the outside is a flat woolen fabric, it can be worn outside under outside shoes that are generous in size (For example, mouton boots.). After taking a bath, try wearing "winter wear for feet" and add "toesocks" when your body is a little cold.

We recommend that you spend your home time with "toesocks" + "Ashi no fuyugi" to keep your feet warm without constricting them. Compared to "Ashi no nemaki," "Ashi no fuyuki" has a fitted interior for a different use. In winter, it is nice to relax in a warm and comfortable room. We hope you and your family will enjoy a relaxing time together.

inner/ 100%  Cotton (Organic cotton)
outer/ 100% Wool (Australian merino wool)
under thread/Polyester polyurethane
size Free (both men and women)
Manufactured in Nara Prefecture Japan
Available in 2 colors

〈About washing〉Machine washable in a net. To maintain the texture, we recommend using a gentle detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents or bleach.

International orders are exempt from consumption tax.

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