‘Ashi No Hadagi’ Toe Socks Silk & Organiccotton

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The toe socks with a two-layered structure, the inner layer is knitted with 100% silk and the outer layer with 100% organic cotton yarn. The soft cushioning of the pile knit with luxurious silk yarn is comfortable on the feet and absorbs and releases sweat and waste. In order to alleviate the tightness of five-toed socks, the length of the toe is large and the fabric is soft. We want to change the problems of pesticides surrounding cotton and the harsh conditions of the workers. From such a sustainable perspective, the organic cotton version of the five-toed sock was born. The fabric is even softer than silk and cotton, and the sewing thread for the opening has been changed to cotton thread. The same specifications as silk and cotton socks, but with no heel. You can use them for a long time by replacing the top, bottom, left and right sides. Please try them out. (Year-round specifications)

Inner: 100% silk
Outer: 100% Cotton (organic cotton)
under thread: polyester polyurethane
size Free (no heel, for both men and women)
Manufactured in Wakayama Prefecture