'Ashi no nemaki' Double-layered Socks

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Gluck und Gute's classic 'Ashi no nemaki' socks should be worn at bedtime.
When resting or sleeping, it is important to release the pressure of shoes and socks along with warmth from the feet. We have taken the maximum dimensions possible so that the fingertips can play inside the sock.

The inner organic cotton yarn has been dyed with natural dyes such as Rakuyo Dye, but for this season's new colors, we are using yarn dyed with food loss (food waste from mass production and mass consumption = unsold and overdue food loss) to help realize a sustainable society. The colors below describe what they are dyed with, so please enjoy them as well.

(Olive) Organic cotton (inside) / Matcha: Matcha is produced and sold by Nanzanen, an eco-friendly company that uses wind-generated electricity to manufacture and sell matcha, and collects and dyes uneven or leftover matcha after grinding with a stone mill (Nanzanen)

(Indigo) Organic cotton (inside) / Red turnip (Sunki/Kiso traditional vegetable, Nagano Prefecture): The surplus turnip fruit is used to dye the leaves, which are often used to make Sunki pickles.

(biored)Organic cotton (inside)/ Blueberry: Collected from Horiuchi Fruit Garden, which cultivates orchards and promotes natural cultivation. Scratches and out-of-spec blueberries from the harvest are collected and dyed.

inner/ 100%  Cotton (Organic cotton)
outer/ 100% Wool (New Zealand Merino)
under thread/Polyester polyurethane
size Free (both men and women)
Manufactured in Nara Prefecture Japan

International orders are exempt from consumption tax.

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