'Ashi no nemaki' Double-layered Socks

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Gluck und Gute's classic 'Ashi no nemaki' socks should be worn at bedtime.
When resting or sleeping, it is important to release the pressure of shoes and socks along with warmth from the feet. We have taken the maximum dimensions possible so that the fingertips can play inside the sock.

The inside is made of soft and comfortable 100% organic cotton, naturally dyed to match the color of the wool yarn on the outside (herb-dyed or dyed with colored earth). The outside is made of New Zealand merino wool for added warmth. Since there is no elastic, it gently wraps your feet in the bedding without tightening.

inner/ 100%  Cotton (Organic cotton)
outer/ 100% Wool (New Zealand Merino)
under thread/Polyester polyurethane
size Free (both men and women)
Manufactured in Nara Prefecture Japan
Available in 5 colors