Organic Cotton Socks for Kids 18-22

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Kids' socks knitted with 100% organic cotton yarn. The soft, cushioned pile knitting and special knitting at the ankles provide a gentle feel without constricting or slipping off. The socks are moderately thick, so they absorb sweat from children moving around in summer and protect their feet from cold in winter.

The ankle portion is specially knitted so that it does not constrict, and it has a gentle feel so that it does not slip down. These socks are recommended for daily wear at school and other places.They are sized for older children and elementary school students, but they are also suitable for adults with small feet.

cotton100%(organic cotton100%) 
under thread/Polyester、Polyurethane
made in Nagano, Japan

*Smoky pink is the same color as the 13-17 cm pink.

*We would like to use organic cotton as much as possible, although there are restrictions on the number of colors and prices, considering the pesticide problem in cotton cultivation as well as the softness of comfort.

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