Organic Cotton Socks for Kids 13-17

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Kids' socks knitted with 100% organic cotton yarn. The soft, cushioned pile knitting and special knitting at the ankles provide a gentle feel without constricting or slipping off. The socks are moderately thick, so they absorb sweat from children moving around in summer and protect their feet from cold in winter. We recommend these socks for daily use, such as socks for nursery school and kindergarten. We hope you will enjoy wearing them on different days.

cotton100%(organic cotton100%) 
under thread/Polyester、Polyurethane
13−17cm    non-slip socks
made in Nagano, Japan

The instep is also knit in a fluffy pile all the way around. It is knitted softer than normal socks. Please note that if you wear the socks in shoes that do not fit your child's shoe Velcro or shoe size, the socks may rub in the shoes and the knitting threads may come out of the fabric. Every time you repeat the washing, the fabric will tighten and the worry will disappear, but please be careful when you begin to wear them.

*We would like to use organic cotton as much as possible, although there are restrictions on the number of colors and prices, considering the pesticide problem in cotton cultivation as well as the softness of comfort.


International orders are exempt from consumption tax.

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