Double-layered Silk and Cotton Socks

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The "Silk-Cotton Double Layer Socks 2023," which are made of silk on the inside and cotton on the outside that touches the skin, are available in two types: middle length and long length. The double-layered structure of the silk socks and cotton socks requires two socks per item, so the long length socks are very luxurious, requiring 18 minutes to knit one leg and 36 minutes to knit both sides, even though they are machine-knitted. Each sock is individually sewn by a skilled craftsman. Because two natural materials, silk and cotton, are layered, the moisture absorbing, moisture releasing, and heat retaining properties of each material are combined to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

The ankles are specially knitted without tightening. To prevent catching the silk fabric with fingernails, the inside is cotton-only for the top 4 cm, then switches to high-quality silk fabric from below. The combination of silk and cotton is neither too hot nor too cold, and can be worn in spring, fall, and winter for a long time.

Inner side 100% Silk
Outer side 100% Cotton
under thread: polyester polyurethane
size M 23-25cm, length from heel 43cm (long length)
Manufactured in Nara Japan.

〈About washing〉
Hand washing is recommended. If you use a washing machine, please be sure to use a net. Also, since two layers of silk and cotton fabric are used, the inner fabric may get into the toes after repeated washing. In that case, please turn the garment inside out and adjust the fabric so that it can be worn beautifully again.

International orders are exempt from consumption tax.

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