Cashmere Blend Thin Warmer

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Experience luxury with our long arm warmers, knitted in a perfect blend of natural hues without any dye. The fabric composition is 60% cashmere, 25% cotton, and 15% silk, creating a sumptuously soft touch that clings to your skin. Despite their lightweight nature, these warmers offer exceptional warmth, protecting you from air conditioning in summer and chill air in winter. They fold into a compact size that fits easily into your bag, making them an ideal temperature-regulating accessory to use throughout the year.

This trio of materials ensures warmth in the winter and moisture-wicking in the summer. They are lightweight, quick-drying, and suitable for year-round use. The fabric feels as soft as a baby's skin and as light as air, with 15% silk adding a unique capability. The protein fibroin in silk converts harmful UV rays into heat, offering a UV shielding rate of 93% according to tests by official agencies. Not only is the texture gentle, but it also protects against harmful ultraviolet rays.

As a temperature-regulating item, it shields you from external cold in winter and absorbs humidity while protecting you from air conditioning in summer. Enjoy the premium softness and warmth.

The white appears as a pristine bleached white, but it is actually the natural color of white cashmere goats, blended with organic cotton and silk thread, without any bleaching or dyeing. The beige is from black cashmere.

60% Cashmere
25% Organic Cotton
15% silk
size& length 41cm
Made in Yamanashi Prefecture

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